Canvas & Clay


Ages 7 to 18 in Room 105 at 10am

Hi! I’m Claire Fundaro, and I am thrilled to be part of the new ministry “Canvas and Clay” here at First Baptist Church. Over the past 20+ years, I have worked with students as young as 5 years old up to 18 years of age through the performing arts. As a playwright and performance director, I’ve had much experience in building a performer, but more importantly with helping children find their voice, and discover their confidence which is rooted in Jesus Christ. As someone who is passionate about theatre, I have found that children are motivated by an opportunity to perform. Canvas and Clay is going to cultivate friendships, present opportunities for children to be apart of a performance, and broaden their faith through games and activities grounded in the truths of the Bible. The ultimate goal is to encourage children to trust and grow an experiential relationship with God our creator who is the true artist. Children ages 7 to 18 are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings at 10 AM for this new and exciting adventure!

Petite Performers: Is a class designed to introduce children ages 5 to 7 years old to the wonderful world of Theatre! Through games and fun activities young learners will begin to utilize their God given imaginations to understand the collaborate and safe environment. Filled with high energy and faith building lessons, these students will grow in friendship with their peers and our Creator.

Performance Studies 1: Is a class geared towards children ages 8 to 11 years old with the intention to introduce and reinforce our God given desire to be heard and understood. Through age appropriate games and activities, students will be challenged to utilize their voice, express their opinions, and work with each other to grow more confidently in their instruments. As a performance class, they will begin the fundamental work of projection, articulation and utilizing their bodies to communicate personality traits with the intention of learning to create clear characters for the stage. Set to be a fast paced experience, be sure to bring water and a fantastic attitude!

Performance Studies 2: Is a class constructed for children ages 12 to 18 years old who desire to grow in confidence and faith. Through theatrical activities, these students will learn the importance of their voice, the significance of the instrument God gave them, and how vital thoughts and opinions are to their peers and community as a whole. Every class is focused on encouraging the students to step out of their comfort zone and trust in the process of becoming a performer, by learning and utilizing the fundamentals of acting. By way of collaboration and group discussions, students will discover purpose and the relevance of Theatre. The only thing students will need is a willingness to try and the determination to succeed.

About Canvas & Clay

Mission: To gather and grow children and families in faith, with the revelation that God has breathed into them a unique and beautiful voice to proclaim His glory and praise His character.

Identity: Christ centered children’s theatre. Canvas & Clay is a ministry dedicated to our Lord through the wonder of the arts. While it highlights growing children’s faith and learning, the objective is to include all families of our FBC community, and encourage each individual to bring their imagination and creativity to the table – whether that be through music, visual artistry, dance, or drama.

Goal: To lead children and families of our community to Christ and engage them with the arts. Ultimately the goal is to ignite a department that encompasses the congregation and provides an atmosphere where they can perform, learn the art of theatre, and give all the glory to God their creator.

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Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry – The Gospel Project

*Sundays – Check All Kids in at Kiosk – Grades 1st-5th will attend adult worship with parents and will be dismissed to Kids Church in the Chapel.

The Gospel Project  is a Christ centered, three year chronological journey that teaches the children the redemption story through the whole Bible.  Beginning with Genesis and ending in Revelation, your kids will see the Gospel story develop and be told in pictures, hear a master story teller in video segments and will use a timeline map to visualize how the Gospel weaves throughout the Bible over the next three years.


We welcome all babies up to 2 years old in our church nursery. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and loving environment for all the children we are privileged to have in our care. We have a rotation of wonderful caretakers happy to serve and be a blessing to your young ones. During check-in we provide a name tag and a security tag.  We will text you if there is any reason to get a hold of you.  There is also a viewing window provided for you to check on your baby at any time.  We only check the child out to the one who is holding the security tag.

Sunday Morning Children’s Programs

FIRST SERVICE: 8:30am-9:40am

Nursery (0-2)                 Room 101

Preschool (2-3)              Room 103

4yr old -K                        Room 110

1st grade -5th grade*     Church/Chapel



Nursery (0-2)                  Room 101

Preschool (2-3)              Room 102

4yr old -K                        Room 110

1st – 2nd grade               Room 111                               

3rd-5th grade                 Room 103


SECOND SERVICE:    11am-12:20pm

Nursery (0-2)                  Room 101

Preschool (2-3)              Room 103

4yr old -K                        Room 110

1st grade -5th grade*    Church/Chapel

Contact: Mark Burgraf @ 805-238-4419 or