EXALT! Adult Choir:

The goal of the choir is to exalt, honor, and glorify God by creating an atmosphere of worship through excellent choral music that will help bring others into God’s presence, as well as to build up and encourage the members of the choir itself. The choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings and will sing approximately once every three weeks in our Sunday morning worship services, and eventually for special seasonal presentations.  We will supply the music, a rehearsal CD and great fellowship! We’d love to have you become part of this family!

We rehearse every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm, and the music we will be singing this season will be as fun as it is meaningful. Join us!

Worship Team:

This team is comprised of vocalists and instrumentalists who provide spiritual and musical leadership in our worship services.  Worship team members are expected to continually be moving forward, both in nurturing their personal relationship with Christ and in developing their musical skills. They are also expected to be leaders in regards to their attitudes, attire, care of the platform area, and willingness to engage with the congregation through worship. Team members need to have a passion for worship and be proficient at reading music and/or playing from lead sheets or chord charts. Ability to improvise harmonies is a plus for vocalists.  Regular instrumentation consists of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, electric bass and drums. We also desire to utilize other musicians on occasion who play band or orchestral instruments.

Worship Team rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 7:00pm-8:30pm in the Ministry Center each week. Contact Shelanie Voorheis at 238-4419 or music@fbcpaso.org

Technical Ministries Team

The Technical Team Ministry exists to honor God by providing careful technical support that enhances all that takes place in our worship services. This team is composed of people with servant hearts who serve with excellence and dedication in operating the sound, lighting and projection systems in our services. Those running the sound system must have both an understanding of how sound systems work (or a willingness to be trained) and a good ear for music. Serving on the projection teams requires knowledge of the software utilized (or a willingness to learn). Also, attention to detail and the ability to adapt to unexpected things that sometimes occur in the services is helpful. Though the technical team serves in fairly invisible roles, their contribution is essential to the fulfillment of our mission as a worship ministry.

Ministry Center Design Team:

We are in need of a few creative people who have the ability and desire to be part of a team that will gather together to strategically plan the aesthetic appearance of the First Baptist Church Ministry Center. Understanding that God has called us to do everything to His glory, we are seeking to visually bring the facilities under the mission and vision of the church.  Members of this team would most likely meet once a month during the initial design stages.  They would be expected to come up with different creative ideas for design in the Ministry Center, and to present those ideas to the Worship Director for approval and empowerment. They would also be expected to help look after the upkeep of those designs and update them as it becomes necessary.

Thank you for your interest in serving our Lord through Worship at First Baptist Church!  For more information, please Contact Shelanie Voorheis, Director of Worship @ 805-238-4419 or music@fbcpaso.org