Sunday Worship Services

This event automatically recurs every week so you don’t have to re-enter it over and over.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is a weekly gathering of men who desire to walk closer with God and have their hearts stirred by hearing His Word each week.


About Awana… Awana Clubs is a non-denominational organization that provides curriculum and organized activities for children to churches throughout the world.  Over 3,500,000 children attend weekly Awana meetings where they play games on an “Awana circle”, study and memorize God’s word, and worship together in an organized group time. more… CUBBIES (PRE-SCHOOL AGES 3 & 4) SPARKS…


                 MEN’S BREAKFAST             SATURDAY AT 7:30 AM!         REAL BACON SERVED HERE!

First Baptist Church 125th Anniversary

In August 1892, $50.00 was raised to purchase the corner lot located at 17th and Park Streets. Ground breaking was on February 20th 1893 and the chapel was completed on April 2, 1893. That year on June 2nd, we also incorporated as Paso Robles Baptist Church, followed by our first communion service on June 4th.…