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Life is a journey, travel

Discipleship groups truly are a place where people connect to the First Baptist Church family on a much smaller and more personal scale, providing them with a sense of belonging to the larger church body.  They provide a place where the three main environments we seek to make happen – Grow, Connect, and Bridge– come together to bring about lasting relationships and true spiritual maturity.

Our groups are designed to be both internally healthy and externally focused.  Internally healthy groups are growing spiritually as they together study and apply God’s Word.  Internally healthy groups are also characterized by people developing relationships, which are life-giving to each person – relationships where people are there for one another in order to help in traveling life’s journey.  These relationships develop in an environment of authenticity and grace, and they form the foundation for life transformation that is the hallmark of First Baptist Church.

An externally focused group seeks to extend Christ’s love and joy to others so they can join the journey as well.  Some groups will build bridges of relationships with those in their sphere of influence, while others will build bridges of compassion in their community.  Others still will form bridges of global outreach in far reaches of the world.  In so doing, group members gain a clearer understanding of the way Christ views the world and begin to see it and the world around them in a similar fashion.

It is our prayer that in meeting with your group, a great community is forged that can’t help but spill outside of the living room and into the world around you!

To get started in a Discipleship Group, contact the church office at 805-238-4419

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