Opportunities for Adult Discipleship:

R.C. Sproul’s “Dust to Glory,”

  • Church Basement with Pastor Mike

Firm Foundations: Studying through the Bible

  • The chapel with Dr. Warren Frankel

Description: In this class, Dr. Frankel teaches through various books of the Bible one at a time, drawing out deep and meaningful Biblical understanding through a verse-by-verse approach to Bible study. This class is open to adults of all ages.

Opportunities for Student Discipleship:

  • High School

Leader: Pastor Chris Esparza 

Room: Library

Description: Our high school discipleship hour strives to build on the Christian theological foundation and worldview of our students so that they are prepared for life and faith after high school. We endeavor to accomplish this through in-depth Bible study and extensive discussion enhanced by a multimedia approach to engage our students at various levels of learning. 

  • Middle School

Leader: Bob King

Room: Upstairs Office

Description: Our middle school discipleship hour seeks to ensure that our students have a solid grasp of the basic theological principles of our faith and how these principles apply to everyday life, so that they may be ready to build on that foundation in high school.